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Shifting from Journalist to Luxury Interior Design with Jaimee Rose Interiors

Episode Summary

Today Brad speaks with Jaimee Rose. She heads Jaimee Rose Interiors, an Arizona-based full-service interior design company focused on the construction, remodeling, and furnishing of luxury residences across the country. In this conversation, we take a dive down memory lane to talk about how a career in broadcast journalism catapulted Jaimee into interior design. This episode is brought to you by Sub-Zero, Wolf, & Cove

Episode Notes

One of the main themes of this discussion is the importance of confidence as a practitioner in the industry. A great interior designer is confident that their vision and skillset can create a beautiful home.

One of the challenges is getting clients to trust their designer’s process. Jaimee gets up close and personal with clients from the beginning, conducting anywhere between six-to-ten design meetings depending on the scale of the project. This goal to “freak out” clients with her level of detail and organization demonstrates Jaimee’s value as their designer from the get-go.

Listen in as Jaimee goes on to share how her skills as a journalist transfer over to her new career as an interior designer; her approach to hiring, training, and educating talent; how she uses social media and connects with influential designers around the country; and how she learned the ins-and-outs of business and finance in the interior design industry. 

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