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Johnny Hourihan of Vintage Builders

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Johnny Hourihan is co-owner of Vintage Builders in Natick, Massachusetts. After earning his bachelor’s degree in construction management, he started his own building company where he was a “boots-on-the-ground” style general contractor.

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Johnny Hourihan is the co-owner of Vintage Builders, the co-host of The Modern Craftsman Podcast, and one of the four brand ambassadors for Fine HomeBuilding Magazine by The Taunton Press.

What are those things we wish we had known when we started in business? What are things we’re doing now that we would have fast-tracked had we known their importance from the beginning? For instance, when is the right time to hire for certain roles, or how much should certain staff members be paid? We discuss questions like these and other specifics that all business owners should know and understand in order to have a thriving company.

Listen in as Johnny discusses how to deal with the drastic lead times companies face today as a result of COVID-19, dealing with team members and clients as people instead of as procedures, and managing your finances as you hire and scale up your business.

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